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  • Put Your Dream To the Test
    Put Your Dream To the Test
    Sat, 04 Nov
    Online Webinar
    04 Nov 2023, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Online Webinar
    04 Nov 2023, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Online Webinar
    What is a Dream? An inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions. Your dream should empower you to do everything you can to achieve it. A genuine dream is a picture and blueprint of your purpose and potential.


A strategist and executor who thrives in a business environment which allows the freedom to innovate and take risks.  Known for injecting energy, building effective strategy and creating momentum to achieve growth and successful execution.


As a coach, I believe that when we grow personally, our professional potential expands. 


I partner with my clients to  identify their goals, navigate opportunities and challenges through a process that allows them to reach their full potential through accountability and support.


In my blog I share life lessons that I hope will help others to learn or grow.


I would not only like to motivate and inspire you, I would like to train you through giving practical ways to challenge and transform you to BE and to DO better.

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Start Now




I am Cathy Goodall

I  am a bridge for God's Kingdom through business development.

What I Do...

I am a builder of people, brands and businesses. I help individuals, brands and businesses  to :

Simplfy - Understand the challenges

Connect - Find the necessary resources

Execute - Complete the necessary tasks

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As a coach, I take people who know what they want to accomplish but aren't sure HOW  through a six step process that will help you to achieve your goals.









Sponsorship identification, negotiation and leveraging,

Strategic& Tactical Market Planning

New Product Introduction& Launches 

Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Multi-Tiered Sales & Marketing Strategies

Brand Development & Market Expansion in the Caribbean






DISC Assessments

Coaching Packages

Do you need a coach or a therapist?

Counselling  focuses on the past; coaching focuses on the future. Therapy is the right fit for addressing trauma and diagnosable mental health concerns; coaching works for taking action to improve  life through structure and actionable steps.

Most Popular

Adult Coaching


If you feel called to live in Purpose and know what your purpose is but you’ are not clear on the HOW, I am the coach for you.


If you know what you want but you aren’t clear of the HOW, I am the coach for you.


If you feel stuck and you don’t know what your next steps should be. I am the coach for you.


If you want to advance in your career or life and need to develop your leadership skills, I am the coach for you.


If you want to develop a growth mindset and develop as an individual, I am the coach for you.

Youth Coaching


Young adults have lot of stressors and sometimes the adults in their lives telling them what they should be doing isn’t well received. Research says they need: an adult who can help them figure out what they most want, then create and execute a strategy to reach those goals. As a certified coach that’s what I do, I help young adults to identify goals, create structure and a plan to accomplish them. I foster long-lasting and life-changing results that help them become leaders who are more confident,  self- reliant and aware of their own strengths and values. 

Corporate Coaching

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DISC and other Assessments for team members.

Developing your team members contributes to the overall development of your business.

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